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Updated 10/25/04

About GN Netcom

GN Netcom is part of GN Great Nordic, a Danish-based technology group
founded in 1869. GN Netcom was founded in 1987 as a spin-off from GN
Danavox (the current GN ReSound) and is among the leading and fastest
growing suppliers of hands-free communications solutions.

Since its first headset product, the Stetomike, GN Netcom has been continuously
developing and marketing new, innovative headset solutions based on its
leading-edge technology. Some landmarks in GN Netcom's history have been the
introduction of the first noise cancelling microphone, the first multi-purpose
amplifier, the first single-cord binaural headset, and the first headset with
a built-in amplifier, to mention a few. In 2000, GN Netcom launched the world's
first commercially available headset using the Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Orator-G Series
The high-performance contact center headset The moment you slip it on, you’ll feel the comfort of the GN Netcom Orator-G’s extensive ergonomic engineering. Even the smallest details are designed to maximize your comfort and convenience. Like the self-positioning ball joint receivers that automatically align to the curve of your head. Or the swing-away microphone boom that lets you easily take a sip of coffee. Together, they add up to a dramatic new level of comfort, stability and performance— just what you’ve come to expect from a GN Netcom headset.

Profile SureFit
The World's only three-in-one headset Only the GN Netcom Profile SureFit® gives you three interchangeable wearing styles— flexible earhook, earloop and headband—in one headset. And it comes in three models: the Profile SF, with our ultra-thin, telescoping boom and omnidirectional microphone; the Profile Flex SF, with our any-position flexible boom and noise-canceling microphone; and the Profile UNC SF, with our ultra-noise canceling microphone and fixed boom. All three feature our exclusive SureFit flexible earhook, the ultimate in customized, on-the-ear comfort. So no matter what your preference, over-the-head or on-the-ear, Profile SureFit is the comfortable solution. If you need a top quality convertible headset, the one you need is Profile SureFit.

Stratus Ultra-G
Ultra-popular contact-center performer How can you get two headsets for the price of one? Get the GN Netcom Stratus Ultra-G. By giving you a choice of headband and ear capsule styles, plus the ability to switch from one style to the other in seconds, Stratus Ultra-G is the one for versatility and value. Stratus Ultra-G also features our patented ear Lobe Hinge, for a custom, on-the-ear fit. Soft foam ear cushions for all-day wearability. And a flexible non-kink microphone boom, for long-term durability and reliability. If you want comfort, convenience, clarity and cost-effectiveness, you want Stratus Ultra-G.

Contour LX-G
Optimum contact center comfort and clarity For truly innovative features in a traditional call center headset, choose the GN Netcom Contour LX-G. With its variable capsule adjustment, Contour LX-G offers call center professionals the utmost in fit, comfort and stability, with a patented hinge that brings the capsule to a gentle but snug rest behind the earlobe. The Contour LX-G also features a noise-canceling microphone for crystal-clear communication, a non-kink flexible microphone boom for long-term reliability and a choice of comfortable eartips for all-day wearability.

GN 805 Flex
The only headset of its kind. Wear under-the-chin, or behind-the-neck! There is a comfortable alternative to the traditional, headband-style binaural headset: the GN Netcom 805-FLEX. The 805-FLEX loops under the chin or wraps behind the neck, and comfortably provides sound to both ears—without disturbing hairstyles. The 805-FLEX also features a flexible microphone boom for precise mic positioning, a noise-canceling microphone to reduce distracting ambient noise, and a single cable for maximum user comfort and convenience.

GN 2200 Omega
High performance, high affordablity Now anyone can afford GN Netcom quality, with GN 2200 Omega™ headsets. GN 2200 Omega headsets deliver professional performance at a value price, so you get a cost-effective solution without compromising sound quality or durability. You get style and comfort too, in an elegant, lightweight design that’s easy to wear all day long. Yet the GN 2200 Omega is durable enough to last for years, even under the most telephone-intensive conditions.

ADDvantage Plus
The headset call centers count on! Here's the call center standard: The GN Netcom ADDvantage Plus. ADDvantage Plus offers an unbeatable combination: great sound, lasting comfort, plus exceptional durability. With its noise-canceling microphone and BroadBass speakers, ADDvantage Plus is a sound quality phenomenon delivering full, clear sound.


GN Netcom offers the 9120 wireless headset that allows you unrestricted freedom of movement. Now you can be away from your desk without being out of touch. The GN 9120 functions up to 300 feet from the base

GN 1000 RHL
Pick-up and hang-up without going back to your desk Add the GN 1000 Remote Handset Lifter to your GN Netcom wireless headset system, and you’re completely free to roam. With the GN 1000 RHL, you can answer calls, and end them, from wherever your wireless headset takes you. No compatibility or reliability worries. The GN 1000 RHL’s design is based on a comprehensive study of telephone measurement specifications, so it works with over 90% of all business telephones. Unless your phone has a truly unusual design, it will work with yours. And since the GN 1000 RHL has been tested to lift and lower the heaviest handsets 100,000 times, you know it will keep working. For a good long time.

GN 8000 MPA
Multi-purpose, multi-brand . The GN 8000 MPA is a universal headset amplifier that not only works with just about any phone with a modular connector, it’s also the only amplifier that can be used with GN Netcom, UNEX and ACS brand headsets!

GN AT3 Plug Prong Amplifier
The AT3 is a telephone amplifier for phone systems requiring a PJ 327 Plug Prong interface. It is a unique product that offers a field replaceable headset cord and a 90° bend to minimize space and position the controls for easy access. Additional product features include full range volume control, voice switching to further reduce background noise when the agent is not speaking, GN Netcom’s FailSafe™ Compression to ensure constant speaker output, as well as our patent pending circuit that precisely intercepts acoustic spikes.

* Mute and no mute version
* Mute LED to indicate when the mute mode is activated
* Full range volume control enables users to set comfort level
* Voice switching to eliminate background noise when user is not speaking
* FailSafe™ Compression to provide a constant output level with varying input signals; boost the weak and reduce the strong
* A patent pending circuit that prevents clipping and distortion as well as safe guards the user against acoustic spikes
* Field replaceable headset cord
* Unique 90° bendable housing to minimize space usage

GN 0452
Two-prong amplifier. The 0452 two-prong amplifier is designed for telephone systems equipped with a two-prong headset port. Its three position volume control locks your volume preference in place.